Sick children sending 1,000 origami cranes to Taylor Swift

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A sophomore from Paschal High School is trying to get the attention of pop star Taylor Swift.

The student is hoping Swift will come to a Fort Worth hospital to sing for the kids there who are sick and recovering, and she has a special way of trying to make that wish come true.

“I know that the people and the patients here are going through a really tough time,” said Lucy Ariola. “And I thought that Taylor would maybe inspire them and help them go through this journey that they're going through."

Lucy was admitted to Cook Children's Hospital two years ago for what turned out to be a benign tumor and quickly realized just how scary it can be for the kids. So with the help of Paschal students and her family and friends, she started folding origami cranes. She says she got the crane idea from an old Japanese story.

"If you fold a thousand, it represents one wish,” she explained. “And if you fold them all yourself, then the wish comes true."

Lucy got things started with the first thousand cranes, and the kids who were eager to possibly meet their favorite pop star in person couldn't wait to help.

The group plans to send the 1,000 origami cranes to Swift, each with a personalized message for the star.

Lucy and her parents and the hospital are hoping to hit social media with their shout out to Taylor Swift.