Sign on North Port home: 'Do not answer the door 4 the police'

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People living in a home off Exotic Avenue in North Port wanted nothing to do with the police, apparently. When officers arrived with a search warrant Monday, they spotted a sign that read, “Do not answer the door 4 the police everr.”

"What type of law-abiding citizen has that sign up in their home?" wondered Josh Taylor of North Port police.  "We prefer to be invited, but sometimes we come anyways.”

Inside, officers say they found drugs, meth pipes, heroin spoons, ammunition and other questionable objects. 

"These types of places stick out like a sore thumb," continued Taylor. 

So did the people coming to the home, at least to neighbors.

"We started seeing more traffic late at night, cars with no mufflers at 2 a.m. rolling through the neighborhood," said one neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous. 

Another agreed, "Lots of people coming and going nonstop to their house, going in their back window, climbing in and out of the windows." 

They contacted police for help. 

"We want to make sure we clean it up for good,” said Taylor. “We'll monitor, sit on it a little bit, try to see the activity for ourselves and get a warrant.”

When officers visited, five people were home. Michael Schoff and Travis Evans were arrested for obstruction failing to obey police commands. More charges are pending. 

"My hope is just that they are out and out to stay and no people like them come back. If they do, they'll be caught just like they were," added a neighbor.