Some Garland neighbors upset over veteran's anti-Trump signs

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Some members of a north Garland neighborhood are caught up in a fight over signs about President Trump.

One man posted signs showing how much he dislikes Donald Trump, with one sign even calling him a traitor. People who are against the signs call them disrespectful and want them removed.

The signs have been up for almost 3 months in the Oak Ridge neighborhood of north Garland. It started with one and now there are several - Vets Against Trump, the one that calls him a traitor, and the one showing him kissing Vladimir Putin.

Frederick slice says he just doesn't like Donald Trump.

His neighbors have tried to stay away from the politics. They just don't like the signs.

"Unfortunately for him, his candidate didn't win. But that's not the point. The point is the signs are just trashy, tacky looking,” said Kirk Freeman.

Slice declined to speak on camera. But he said he's a Democrat and a veteran and while he has his own views, he's fine with people showing him their own opinions and sometimes shouting out them out.

But he doesn't like that someone broke off four American flags from one of his signs. A taller sign is going up to put the flags out of reach.

Slice said inspectors with the City of Garland made him move one sign because it was on the easement. Slice says he's not on social media so this is his way of speaking his mind.

His neighbors are on social media and they aren't shy either. The people against them say they've had enough and are calling attention to them.

“They make me laugh, ugly, yes, but the laugh’s on him Trump is our president and there's nothing he can do about it,” read one comment.

Slice said if his signs were against the law he'd follow it and take them down.

Opponents have reached out to city hall and to their council representative. They want an ordinance change, but that's not likely because of the freedom of speech issue.