Somerville: Random acts of kindness are never overplayed, a kind gesture from Down Under

Photo courtesy of Tegan Langley.

“A beautiful miracle happen to me today.”

Tegan Langley said I could post her story.
It’s another of those Random Acts of Kindness that I never get tired of.

She wrote:

Sitting in McDonald’s carpark waiting for an appointment, a gentleman who I later found out was named Tony, approached my car window.

He asked if I knew about the state of my tyres.

I explained that I knew I needed new ones but at the moment simply couldn’t afford it.

He asked me if I would follow him to Bridgestone Pimpama across the road to see what they could do for me.

This complete stranger, Tony explained he couldn’t live with himself if he walked away from the situation knowing they were about to blow at anytime.

Tony didn’t expect anything in return, just asking that one day when I’m in the position where I’m able to help someone that I pay it forward.

535 dollars, a lot of tears on my behalf, a few hugs, three brand new tyres, a wheel alignment and the offer to fuel up my car.

Then he left. 
No last name, no contact number.

Just Tony the gentle giant with his two beautiful sons teaching them a life lesson.

Tony if this ever reaches you, thank you!

Thank you for your utterly selfless act, your kind words, for restoring my faith in humanity.

From the bottom of my heart thank you!

Also a big thankyou to Bridgestone tyres Pimpama for fitting me in on a fully booked out day and for the great service, you guys are champs!

—-Tegan Langley

I’m just waiting for my opportunity to do something like this.
Probably buying someone groceries.

It’s going to be so much fun.
But more importantly I believe that one good act leads to another.