Sound On Sound Fest 2017 cancelled

Sound On Sound Fest 2017 has been cancelled. 

The festival was scheduled to take place at Sherwood Forest in McDade November 10 -12, 2017. 

The music festival made the announcement on social media on Friday, October 6, 2017. 

The festival released a statement that said, in part:

We are extremely saddened to announce today that Sound On Sound Fest 2017 is being cancelled. This is one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make. Due to several roadblocks outside of our control and in an effort to do right by our fans, the decision to cancel the event was our only real option.

According to the Sound On Sound website, all ticket holders will be 100% refunded for the cost of their tickets. Attendees who purchased ticket(s) through the Eventbrite website should expect to see a refund on their credit/debit card statement within the next 5-7 business days. 

Attendees who have physical tickets are asked to email for refunds. 

Sound On Sound Fest is in the process of rescheduling the majority of the artists who were set to play for the music festival at other venues in the area and will be announcing the shows and ticket information shortly. 

Those who purchased tickets for Sound On Sound will get the first chance to purchase single tickets for make up shows. According to the Sound On Sound website, fans will be emailed a link with details in advance of the public onsale with a limited time to purchase before tickets open to the general public.

Rescheduled shows and ticket information is expected to be announced on Monday, October 16, 2017. The private presale exclusively for all Sound On Sound Fest ticket holders will start on Monday, October 16 and run until Thursday, October 19 at 8 a.m., when the public sale begins.

To learn more about ticket cancellations for Sound On Sound, click here.