South Jersey mom fights for her son after doctors declare him brain dead

A devoted mother in South Jersey is refusing to give up on her son after a fire left him in critical condition.

The 14-year-old's being treated at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Doctors declared him brain dead. His mom is still fighting for him. Now, a court battle is beginning as he remains on life support.

“They were about to take the life support away. I cannot let it happen. It’s a murder. It’s a murder in my faith," Rumpa said.

A mother’s last stand—fighting for her child.

Doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have declared 14-year-old Areen medically brain dead after his Bordentown home burned down two weeks ago. Firefighters found him hiding under chairs. His mother says he is not dead. She says he responds to her touch and she has seen him move his feet.

“Please pray for him. Because where medical science fails prayer works. God is there. And I know God is going to listen to all of our prayers," Rumpa said.

Rumpa says CHOP wanted to pull the plug this week. On Friday, a Philly judge granting the family an emergency stay—preventing CHOP from taking Areen off life support against his mother's wishes. It’s a win for the family but temporary.

Rumpa is now desperately looking for a hospital in New Jersey to take in her son unlike Pennsylvania, New Jersey state law distinguishes between brain dead and clinically dead. 

The family’s attorney Chris Bagnato says his client deserves more time.

“Love between a mother and a child is one of the greatest loves you can have. It’s not just about letting go, it’s about letting a parent do everything they can," Bagnato said.

Bagnato says miracles can happen—he’s even citing several in his legal arguments.

"They were wrong. They wanted to cancel life support early. Miraculously, someone started breathing on their own with no medical reason why. Maybe faithfully. That’s what my clients want," Bagnato said. 

Meanwhile, Rumpa is pleading for help to make that miracle happen. 

"I’m a mother. I cannot let that happen," she said. “I know he always wants me to fight for him.”

Those who wish to help the family can visit their GoFundMe.