Southern California woman donates eggs in college, meets 'egg' almost 2 decades later

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A USC college student armed with only a few clues - including a grainy photo of a woman posing in a pool - was able to track down the woman responsible for giving her life. 

Elizabeth Gaba had known she was born via egg donation and surrogacy her entire life. When she turned 18, she was given access to her file. 

The file was scant when it came to details. Gaba learned the woman who donated eggs had a first name of Amy, was born in 1977, and was a straight A music student at USC.  

Gaba, a student at USC's Thornton School of Music's pop program, was amazed to learn her egg donor also went to USC. But the similarities didn't stop there. 

Through some online sleuthing, Gaba, along with the help of her manager Amanda Newman of Varsity Vocals, identified her egg donor as Amy Throckmorton of Escondido. 

In a show of genetics they learned both Throckmorton and Gaba sang in the same A Capella group, almost two decades apart. The pair arranged a time to meet in person.

Throckmorton, who has three children now, tells KTVU, "Meeting her was wonderful and surreal. We have so many similar quirks. But the fact that she sang in my old A Capella group was mind bending."
Throckmorton and Gaba decided they would have to sing together.

Throckmorton posted the video on her Facebook page saying, "Funny story. In college I was an egg donor for an infertile couple. Today, I met that egg. She goes to my college and sings in my A Capella group. It was a crazy and wonderful day! I'm so excited to know her and especially freaked out (in the best way) to hear our voices together. Skip a minute or two into the video to hear us sing together. Genetics, man!"

Thinking back to the decision to donate eggs in her college years, Throckmorton says it was an easy decision because it seemed like a "win-win" for everyone involved. "I wasn't squeamish about the medical procedures (lots of self-administered shots, etc.) and I liked the idea of helping a couple who couldn't have children of their own start a family," she said. 

As Throckmorton filled out her forms with the fertility clinic, she checked a box saying she would be open to contact. She always knew in the back of her mind someone could come forward to find her, although she wasn't aware any of her eggs had led to viable pregnancies.

Throckmorton's kids also met Gaba. "I do think we'll continue to have a relationship. She's a really cool chick and I'm so excited to know her," said Throckmorton.  

Gaba echoed the same sentiment saying she leads a happy life and loves her family, but always wanted to learn more about where she came from.