Special Operations dogs set for new advanced tactical gear

Dogs serving with the elite Army Rangers may soon have new Tactical Vests and more gear to wear on missions.

U.S. Army Special Operations Command is looking for ideas to equip the 75th Ranger Regiment’s dogs with advanced vest protection, wearable sensors and video cameras.

This dog gear-up program is called Multi-Purpose Canine (MPC) Tactical Equipment. USAOC aims to give the dogs Tactical Vests that will better enable them to insert for missions with the Rangers via helicopter, for example. They will also be designed to help amp up how they can support missions downrange like compatibility with a new, wearable video camera system that can provide real-time footage to Rangers.

The Rangers’ regimental dog program trains multi-purpose canines and their handlers. They master a range of skills to support the vital Ranger combat operations in often challenging conditions.

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