Steph Curry featured in new comical ad for Brita

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Have you ever dreamed about what life would be like with Warriors super-star Stephen Curry as a roommate?

Well, a new commercial for Brita Stream water filter ventures to play out that fantasy imagining "everything would change with his name on the lease."

In a hysterical video, internet star King Bach makes a case that the Golden State point guard would be the perfect person to live with, singing, "I wish Steph Curry could be my roommate."

Imagine dancing in your living room with the two-time MVP, having secret handshakes, throwing alley-oops on a mini indoor hoop, and practicing golf together using your laundry for your chip shots. 

And King Bach notes that "like a team player," Curry would always make sure to replace used toilet paper rolls.

San Francisco-based production company Portal A, produced the new video calling it an "epic collaboration."

It debuted on Thursday and has since gone viral, receiving more than 600,000 views on YouTube. 

Number 30 himself tweeted it out on Sunday, with the message, "Got my new favorite track on repeat starring my man @KingBach..."