Store owners accused of selling fake merchandise avoids FOX 11 cameras during court appearance

The owners of a popular Los Angeles retailer in court for felony counterfeiting charges ran away from FOX 11’s cameras when we showed up to ask them questions.

As FOX 11 previously reported, Old School owners Alex and Farhad Eshaghian were both arrested and charged with felonies after a months long FOX 11 investigation found that the store was actively selling high priced counterfeit brand name merchandise.

FOX 11’s undercover team confronted both men after they finished their court hearing, and both ran away from FOX 11’s cameras.

“Get the f*** away,” Farhad Eshaghian said, while his son Alex ran back inside the courthouse.
Both men refused to answer any questions, and made it clear they were upset FOX 11 showed up.

The Eshaghians are facing charges under penal code 350 (a)(2) for felony counterfeiting, and their bonds were set at $438,000.

They have both pleaded not guilty to the charges.

If they end up being convicted, they each face up to three years in prison.
Despite the arrests, the store remains open and operational, and customers continue to shop there.

In case you missed it, the original FOX 11 investigation into Old School can be viewed here:

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