Surveillance photos reveal how protesters brought climbing gear into U.S. Bank Stadium

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Surveillance photos show two people who were arrested at the Vikings game on Sunday brought climbing equipment and sign through security by concealing in winter clothes. SMG confirmed Karl Zimmerman, 32, and Sen Holiday, 26, had tickets to get into the game.

Zimmerman and Holiday jumped over a guard rail during the second quarter of the Vikings game, gaining access to the ridge truss. Police say the other suspect, 27-year-old Carolyn Feldman, assisted in the stunt.

Statement from SMG and MSFA

“As we, with all stadium partners, continue to investigate the protest demonstration that occurred this past Sunday during the Vikings game, we want to provide information to the public regarding safety and security at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Stadium guests and employees are required to pass through a security screening upon entry for all events. Screening procedures are designed to detect items that cause harm, including weapons and explosives. Our investigation shows these individuals properly entered the stadium as ticketed guests through our gates. The individuals brought in nylon rope, a small number of carabiners and a lightweight banner concealed on their person underneath winter clothing. These items were distributed among the group of protesters upon entry. These facts are consistent with interviews law enforcement officials conducted with one protestor, upon being taken into custody. They had nothing visible in their possession that violated U.S. Bank Stadium policies and had nothing that prevented them from clearing the security screening upon entry. 

Zimmerman and Holiday were released from Hennepin County Jail on Monday without charges, but the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office said they would be considering charges once the police investigation was complete.

Statement from Minneapolis City Attorney Mary Ellen Heng

“The City Attorney’s Office has requested the Minneapolis Police Department conduct further investigation. A charging decision will not be made until the investigation is complete, which may take a week or two to complete.”

In a press conference held by Zimmerman and Holiday on Tuesday, the two declined to discuss specifics about their actions at U.S. Bank Stadium.