Survivor to Larry Nassar: This is your hell and I hope you burn in it

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Olympians, survivors and their parents lined up for a fourth day.

They shared heart-wrenching accounts of abuse suffered at the hands of former Michigan State and USA Gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar.
The judge making sure every single victim has a chance to be heard this week - and that's inspired even more survivors to come forward.

"Now Larry, it's your turn to listen to me," said Aly Raisman.

Not holding back, dozens more young women confronting who they call their monster Larry Nassar during the fourth day of his sentencing.

"You will fall Larry into your grave and I will rise," said Kaylee McDowell.

"This is not Judge Aquilinas media circus as you call it," said Alexis Alvarado. "This is your hell and I hope you burn in it."

Gymnast and two-time Olympian Aly Raisman at first was afraid to speak but on Friday, her voice fierce, appalled by the letter Nassar wrote Thursday asking for the testimony to stop.
"You are pathetic to think that anyone would have any sympathy for you," she said.

Raisman said Friday while Nassar was abusing her, he was also creating policies to prevent the sexual abuse of athletes. His power -- paralyzing.

"Treatments by you were mandatory, you took advantage of that," she said. "You even told on us if we didn't want to be treated by you."

Anger and sadness poured out of dozens more women.

"At only 12 years old I didn't know it was inappropriate, illegal and wrong," said Madeline Johnson.

The 54-year-old sat quietly.

"Because of him, I cannot be touched without a panic being driven," said Hannah Morrow.

2012 Olympic Gold medalist Jordyn Weiber said Nassar groomed her and brainwashed her... 

"Was I getting the proper medical care," Weiber said. "Or was he only focused on which one of us he was going to prey on next."

The young women told stories of shame and suicide attempts because of years of sexual abuse.

"You then pulled my shorts down," said Kara Johnson. "Moved my underwear over to the side and started touching me without consent, without telling me what you were going to do, and if that wasn't bad enough, with your gloveless hands."

Even their parents got their chance to confront Nassar.
"Your story is dark, sinister and pure evil," said one father of two survivors.

"Inmate Nassar, that is what your name is," said another father. "And don't you forget that." 

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These women, and their loved ones vow to hold MSU, USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic committee accountable.

"Abusers, your time is up," Raisman said. "The survivors are here standing tall and we are not going anywhere."

More than 100 women have requested to speak, testimony will continue Monday.