SUV nearly hits young girl on scooter in marked crosswalk in San Mateo

A teenage driver nearly hit a young girl riding her scooter across a San Mateo street.

Dash cam footage shows the girl riding her scooter in a marked crosswalk at the intersection of Franklin Parkway and Baze Road in the Bay Meadows neighborhood on September 14. She was accompanied by a man and another young girl also on a scooter.

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A Ford Escape driven by an unidentified teen is seen barreling through the intersection, ignoring the flashing pedestrian signs.

Luckily the young girl wasn't hit, but she was knocked off her scooter.

The teen stopped and spoke to police about his driving, police said.

Officers said the teenage driver wasn't reckless, but inexperienced. He wasn't cited because a vehicle-code infraction wasn't committed in an officer's presence, authorities said.