Tampa mom donates kidney to her son

Melissa Ranieri spends some of her time year round at Tampa General Hospital to volunteer in the Foundations office, but she's especially busy in March.

The second Thursday of the month is "Kidney Awareness Day." In fact, the entire month is all about raising awareness about the organ. There are about 30 million Americans suffering from some level of kidney disease with no cure.

"TGH has taught me is that love cures." Melissa Ranieri told FOX 13 News.

Seven years ago on Kidney Awareness Day, Melissa gave birth to her son Evan, who has stage 4 kidney disease.

"We found out that he was born with stage 4 kidney disease and had little kidney function," Melissa said. "All along I was a part to that missing puzzle. That gives me peace at the end of the day to know I've done my best and hopefully making him proud."

Evan is now 6, and with his birthday a few days away he says his mom is the best for not one but two reasons.

"She gave me a kidney and she snuggles with me," Evan said.

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