Teacher hears meows, discovers cat in student's backpack

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Children say the darndest things, but sometimes actions speak louder than words. 

And the meowing cat they bring to school in their backpack is even louder. Just ask Mrs. Carey Geipel, a 4th-grade teacher in Virginia.

In a Facebook post, now shared thousands of times, Mrs. Geipel said, during her planning period, she and a co-worker heard meowing. 

A quick look out the window revealed no kitty cat, so they began to search the classroom.

They first checked a purse and some lunchboxes for a cell phone. Surely this was a meowing ringtone, they thought.

But then Mrs. Geipel lifted a jacked placed on top of a backpack -- and the backpack moved.

"I unzip the backpack and a cat’s head POPS out!" she wrote in her post, accompanied by a photo of herself holding somewhat frightened-seeming, but very pet-able, white and grey kitty cat.

Mrs. Geipel's smile says everything we need to know; "I'm glad this cat is okay but I'm not exactly glad it's in my classroom," she may have been thinking.

After hundreds of people left comments on her post. Mrs. Geipel edited her post to clear up some questions.

"[The] cat is safe and [the] student's mom came to pick it up," she wrote.

"The phone call home went like this... 'Hello, Student is safe but we have kind of a weird situation... your student brought a cat to school, on the bus, in her backpack,'" she wrote, adding, "Best part... it’s not even their cat. It’s the neighbor’s cat. O.M.G."

O.M.G., indeed.