Tech Tuesday: Mos Def Goes AR With "Pacha's Pajamas," VR Hot Wheels Races And Bug Robots!

Christmas is just 13 days away, so we're going to show you some high tech toys families can enjoy together! Some of them even reinforce STEM principles like robotics, physics and programming. Juan Carlos Bagnell is here to help us tech out our play time.

STOMP ROCKET Stunt Planes - teaching children about flight principles like lift and drag, while helping them burn off energy. That's what we call a "win win!" They retail for $29.99 and you can find out more about them here: ,

Remember playing with those Hot Wheels race tracks as a kid? Want to share a bit of that nostalgia with your own kids, but in a form which they'll actually want to play with? OSMO partnered with Mattel and the legendary Hot Wheels toys to bring you the OSMO  Mindracers virtual reality racing game. This is not your parents’ Hot Wheels race track! Osmo Mindracers begins at $55 and can be found here:


Pacha's Pajamas ZBOOK - This is a wonderful book centered on an ethnic character AND the soundtrack to the AR book has people like Mos Def as its narrator. Other notable voice talent joins the case to bring this book to life. Definitely worth bringing it into your home to read, then re-read with VR with the kids. The book retails for $12.95 and can be found here:


KAMIGAMI Robots are a lot of fun! They're easy to put together with one of the most well thought out and organized build instructions we've seen on any kids product. Well worth the investment, but even more worth the learning and playtime. You can make the robots dance, run and even battle! You can also introduce your children to object oriented coding through the kamigami app. You can find out more about