Texas teen surprises prom date, walks for first time in almost a year

"After not being able to walk with my own two legs for 10 months... i surprised my prom date with this💛✨" ( @aeonianlife )

A Texas teenager surprised her prom date by walking to the door when he came to pick her up. 

This was the first time the teenager had been able to walk in nearly a year. 

18-year-old Morgan Coultress of San Antonio, Texas shared the moment in a video on Twitter. Since being posted online on Saturday, April 28, 2018, the tweet has been liked over a million times. 

Over 7,000 comments have been made on the video. 

Most Twitter users have found the video inspiring and thanked Morgan for sharing it.

Morgan was diagnosed with conversion disorder after a surgery she had in June of last year, and said she had not been able to walk on her own for ten months, according to KSAT.


Morgan is a senior at Health Careers High School and wanted to surprise her date, Tarik Garcia, who she called one of her best supporters. The video opens with Morgan waiting in her house. 

The door is opened for Tarik and Morgan begins to walk in his direction. 

Tarik is visibly shocked before running to Morgan. The two than share an emotional embrace. To add to Morgan’s amazing night, she was also named prom queen later that evening, according to KSAT.