This school's like a three-ring circus

The New Jersey Circus Center in Marlboro offers classes in becoming a circus performer.

“We do teach juggling, aerial arts, clowning, everything from balloon animals to face painting to tight wire, tumbling, you name it we do it,” the NJ Circus Center owner, Doug Young, explained.   

The NJ Circus Center opened January 1st and offers everything from birthday to bachelorette parties.  

You even have the chance to hire the circus performers to come to your location.

When attending the school, juggling beginners learn with handkerchiefs, much easier than beanbags.

There are other techniques to learn such as rope climbing, followed by aerial fabrics, and the trapeze.

Now, there’s a secret to being successful on the rolling globe and stilts, which is to imagine you are a penguin walking in hot sand.

If you want to learn some of these circus techniques, the New Jersey Circus Center has classes for all ages and is open year-round.