Threatening letter, powder delivered to FOX 5 Atlanta studios

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Tests on a suspicious package delivered to FOX 5 Atlanta Thursday revealed that the white powdery substance inside was baking soda. Authorities were called to the television station Thursday afternoon after that suspicious package was opened. DeKalb County Police and the DeKalb County Fire Department were notified about the package at about 3 p.m. Thursday.


The package contained a white powdery substance inside a clear plastic envelope. The package also contained a document with anti-Donald Trump and anti-Karen Handel language.

According to a statement from the FBI, more than a dozen letters are under review. Similar letters were sent to Roswell residents and WXIA 11Alive. 

The press release from the FBI says in part, 

Initial field testing for all of the letters indicated negative for any known hazards. Additional testing will, however, be conducted at the Georgia Department of Public Health out of an abundance of caution and per hazardous materials protocols.

Karen Handel is the Republican candidate in the special election for the 6th District U.S. House seat in Georgia. Suspicious packages were delivered to several homes in Handel's Roswell neighborhood on Thursday, as well.

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The document in the package sent to FOX 5 threatened violence and also read in part: "America's terrorist soldiers are raping and killing innocent Muslims by the thousands. Republicans are literally ushering in the apocalypse by ignoring the impending climate disaster."

The package was postmarked in Greenville, South Carolina. Law enforcement officials said the suspicious packages delivered to Karen Handel's Roswell neighborhood were also mailed from Greenville.

The package delivered to FOX 5 and its contents were secured in a containment box after being opened. A hazardous materials team was brought in to investigate. 

FOX 5 Atlanta is working with law enforcement agencies as the investigation continues.

The substance, according to officials, turned out to me mostly baking soda, but was determined to be safe.

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