Toddler maimed by Macy’s mannequin, lawsuit claims

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Macy’s is facing a lawsuit related to an incident in which a mannequin at one of the department store’s New York locations fell on a toddler and left him injured, according to the suit filed by the boy’s parents.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed last week with the Manhattan Supreme Court, the incident happened in June 2019, when the toddler, identified as "Z.K." in the suit, was in a Macy’s store at the Green Acres Mall on Long Island.

The boy’s family claims he tugged on a 6-foot-tall male dummy and that because it was unsecured at its base, the mannequin fell and struck the boy in the face.


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Atalla Khalaf, the boy’s father, filed the suit against Macy’s on behalf of his son. The lawsuit claims Z.K. sustained serious personal injuries, suffered shock and mental anguish, and seeks damages to cover the medical expenses the family has incurred in addition to compensation for the toddler’s injuries.

The family’s attorney, Michael Brumer, told the New York Post that three years after the incident the marks caused by the mannequin are still visible on his forehead and nose.

"We were told by a security guard that it’s not the first time those mannequins have tipped over," Brumer told the Post.

Macy’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment from FOX Business.

The family’s lawsuit claims Macy’s should be held liable for the injuries sustained by Z.K. because of the "negligence, carelessness and/or recklessness" of staff at the Macy’s store where the incident happened.


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Falling mannequins have been the subject of other lawsuits against stores over the years.

An Ohio woman sued Men’s Warehouse following a 2018 incident in which she claimed the weight of tuxedo jackets on a mannequin caused it to fall on her while she was shopping, according to TribLive.

The Los Angeles Times reported that JCPenney faced a lawsuit in 2006 following an incident where the plaintiff claimed to have been struck in the head by a female mannequin’s arm that flew off while a store employee was removing a blouse for a customer.