Toddler's cancer fight touches community

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A Cypress toddler fighting cancer has taken a turn for the worse.  His journey has touched hundreds if not thousands in his community. 

Creighton Heslop is just 21 months old, and was admitted Thursday afternoon to Houston Hospice in the Texas Medical Center. The boy has battled cancer for the past 6 months. 

“It shakes your faith because you wonder why it's happened,” said Barry Heslop, Creighton’s father.  “I mean it's a difficult situation. I wouldn't want my worst enemy in it,” he said. 

Creighton was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer,  Rhabdomyosarcoma, when he was just 14 months old.  He has a tumor in his neck and throat. 

“My wife and I have faith and believe in God.   We know ultimately that all things work for his good and I understand that.  But that doesn't stop the hate, pain that we have now,” said Barry Heslop.

Creighton’s parents have been determined to make sure he goes on as many grand adventures during whatever time he has left. 

“He’s always smiling, even on bad days when he's getting needles or shots he smiles he's been happy," said Heslop.

He even had a snow day in his front yard just last weekend.  In addition, he’s been to a UT football game in Austin and a Texans game at NRG Stadium. 

“The perseverance I've seen through him is just incredible,” he said.

Last month the Tomball Police Department made Creighton an honorary police officer, and on Thursday a Tomball Dodge Dealership pulled out their black Viper racing machine for the boy.  

“This from people that don't even know us and to say thank you is impossible,” said Heslop. 

Unfortunately, Creighton had to miss that party at the dealership.  He’ll also miss getting an honorary degree from Lone State College that was scheduled for Friday.  Now he’s in hospice care resting peacefully with his parents by his side, just as they’ve been all along. 

“You suddenly realize what's important and your families more important than anything else.  Literally every minute is precious. The good and the bad,” said Heslop.

Search for Creighton’s page on Facebook at “Pray for Creight.”