Travel ban costs Trump-supporting business owner $100,000

Bloomington, Minnesota business owner Jon Tschohl was set to travel to Iran this month, but now the trip is off after politics got in the way of business. By Tschohl's best estimates, President Donald Trump's travel ban has cost him more than $100,000.

A customer service strategist, Tschohl was originally scheduled to visit Iran this month and speak at a university with lucrative licensing fees expected to follow. But then, he received the email with bad news. His visa application was denied.

Tschohl, who voted for Trump and even got his picture taken with him during the presidential campaign, says he’s frustrated by the president’s order.

"I think he shot me in the foot with this stupid stuff in Iran," said Tschohl.

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Tschohl is the latest casualty in a diplomatic and political showdown. Iran promised to block the travel of Americans after landing on Trump's 7-country travel ban.

"They are each trying to punch each other, rattling their swords, acting like two children," said Tschohl.
Disappointed as he may be, Tschohl says he still supports President Trump.

In desperation, he tried tweeting Trump in hopes of getting his attention. But, he believes his Iranian business dreams are now likely a thing of the past.

"He went too far, he did not think through the process, not going to admit that he made any mistakes,” he said.