Trump offers to "destroy" TX senator's career to help Rockwall sheriff

President Donald Trump jokingly asked the Rockwall County sheriff if he wanted to help "destroy the career" of a Texas senator.

Sheriff Harold Eavenson was at the White House Tuesday morning for a meeting with sheriffs across the country.

President Trump went around the table asking sheriffs for input on how to move the country forward. That's when Sheriff Eavenson made comments about a Texas state senator.

“On asset forfeiture, we’ve got a state senator in Texas that was talking about introducing legislation to require a conviction before we can receive that forfeiture money,” Eavenson told Trump. “And I told him that the cartel would build a monument to him in Mexico if he could get that legislation passed.”

“Who is the state senator?” Trump asked the Rockwall County sheriff. “Do you want to give his name?”

Trump added, “We’ll destroy his career” as the crowd burst into laughter.

The sheriff would not get into specifics about his comments to the president.