Trump-themed store in Show Low vandalized

It's a store that sells all things related to President Trump.

The store, appropriately named "The Trumped Store" is located in Show Low. The owners, however, are now devastated after they show up at work Thursday morning, to find the store vandalized.

The shocking discovery came, just days before Trump is scheduled to a hold a rally in Arizona.

"I can see through our window, our huge Trump store banner outside, black markings," said owner Steven Slaton, during a phone interview. "I said that's weird, so I went outside and went around, and soon as I saw it, I said 'Aw crap'. Been vandalized with 'Nazi scum' on it."

Slaton said a person nearby was willing to help out

"This Good Samaritan, Jack, he went and got paint and thinner, and we cleaned it all up today," said Slaton.

The store was converted from a campaign office after 2016's election. Slaton said it's not the first time they've dealt with trouble.

"We had three irate liberals who came in, and we escorted them out and told them to leave our property," said Slaton. "This is private property, or we'd call the police."

Slaton said they're going to take extra precautions for the time being

"Probably be staying in the store for a while to see if anyone's gonna come back, number one," said Slaton. "We've got some people who are going to come in and advise us on particular camera systems."

Police in the area have confirmed they are investigating, and the owners of the store say they are checking with other businesses to see if they may have cameras that picked any activity up.