See the items that TSA took away in one week at Newark-Liberty

What looks like items found inside a pawn shop are actually items found in carry-on bags at Newark International Airport.

TSA Spokesperson Lisa Farbstein gave FOX 5 News a look at some of the items that were collected from Newark International in just one week.  

Farbstein says, "Most of the time people say they didn't realize they put an item in their carry-on, or they forgot that they had it with them."

The items include baseball bats, knives, and power drills.

They even find animals.

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TSA screeners tell FOX 5 News they have caught cats that were found in carry-on bags along with loaded guns.

Last year the TSA set a new record: 6,500 guns were confiscated from airports nationwide.  The numbers of guns found at the 3 major metro NYC airports were low.

When caught with prohibited items, air travelers have 3 options: return them to their vehicle,  hand them over to the friend or loved one who dove them to the airport, or surrender the items to the TSA.

Farbstein says their enforcement should come as a no-brainer to travelers, especially knowing the history of how the TSA came to be.

She explains that "the terrorists on 9-11 used box cutters and you do see lots of box cutters here as well."