UAW strike update: Ford, union spar over what needs to happen next

Bill Ford and UAW President Shawn Fain exchanged jabs Monday about the implications of the ongoing strike and what needs to happen next.

In a brief press conference, Ford, who is the executive chair of Ford Motor Co., addressed the strike and urged the UAW to end it.

"This should not be Ford vs the UAW. It should be Ford and the UAW vs Toyota, Honda, Tesla, and all the Chinese countries that want to enter our home market," he said.

Ford also said that the supply base is fragile, and an ongoing strike would damage the economy.

"If it continues, it will have a major impact on the American economy and devastate local communities," he said.

Fain shot back at Ford's comments later that day.

"Bill Ford knows exactly how to settle this strike. Instead of threatening to close the Rouge, he should call up Jim Farley, tell him to stop playing games and get a deal done, or we’ll close the Rouge for him," Fain said. 

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Last week, Farley, who is the CEO of Ford, claimed that the UAW was "holding the deal hostage over battery plants."

"It's not the UAW and Ford against foreign automakers. It's autoworkers everywhere against corporate greed. If Ford wants to be the all-American auto company, they can pay all-American wages and benefits. Workers at Tesla, Toyota, Honda, and others are not the enemy—they're the UAW members of the future," Fain said.

Currently, UAW members at Ford's Michigan Assembly, Chicago Assembly, and Kentucky Truck Plant are on the picket line. 

Fain has already said that the union is prepared to strike more plants, and Monday's comments suggest the Rouge plant could be next.

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