UPDATE: The Maltese ‘Miracle'

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On July 31, 2015, an animal rescuer and Good Samaritan named David Loop made a U-turn to remove what he believed to be a dead dog from the center of the road on his way to work.

Until Loop got closer and gently moved the small, dirty white dog to the sidewalk, she blinked!

'When she blinked at me, I said 'Oh Lord,' it's a miracle,' Loop said. 'I had to name her 'Miracle.'

Thanks to Loop who acted quickly and rushed the little dog to his vet. She was hospitalized in rough condition with a broken femur, pelvis and head trauma which caused temporary blindness.

Original Story: A Good Samaritan Thought This Maltese Was Left For Dead,

Miracle has come such a long way in a short amount of time.

This is her journey...

She is now fully recovered and Loop’s cherished pet along with several other dogs and cats.

Miracle’s story has garnered so much attention worldwide. Many have sent cards, monetary donations and cute dresses for her, so much in fact that she has her own room!

Luckily, Miracle has no long term damage and she lives the life of a normal and very cherished dog.

Loop is the president of Sierra Pacific Fur Babies, a nonprofit animal rescue organization he founded in late 2012. He has saved about 200 to 300 animals, mostly cats. A full-time electrical contractor and electrician, Loop maintains a facility for rescued cats on the property of his business in Riverside.

To connect with Miracle:

Facebook: A Dog Named Miracle

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