Kevin Fowler visits fan who survived Uvalde school shooting at Texas hospital

One of the students who was injured in the Uvalde school shooting had a special visitor come see her in the hospital. 

Kevin Fowler, a Texas musician who is playing in San Antonio this weekend, shared a heartfelt post on Facebook about his visit with Mayah Zamora. 

"Mayah was seriously injured in the Uvalde school shooting. She is in the hospital recovering from multiple bullet wounds," Kevin Fowler wrote on Facebook. "They told us that she’s a big KF fan and her family had planned to come see us play this weekend before the shooting occurred.  She was very sad that they couldn’t attend the show."

"What an amazing experience it was meeting this sweet little girl! She’s way braver than I could ever be," Kevin went on to say. "This whole experience really hit home with me. I have three daughters and I can’t imagine one of my babies going through this. Her parents, Christina and Ruben Zamora are absolute angels and by her side nonstop."

According to the family's GoFundMe, Mayah was critically injured during the mass shooting on May 24 and will have a long road to recovery. The money from the GoFundMe will reportedly be used to pay for the numerous surgeries Mayah has undergone, future surgeries she may require, future hospital and doctor’s visits, mental health/trauma treatment, amongst many other things.

She is currently receiving medical care in a hospital in San Antonio, about an hour and a half away from Uvalde. 

If you are interested in donating to Mayah's GoFundMe, click here.