Valley company embraces 'Take Your Dog to Work Day'

Today's a great day, not only because it's Friday, but it's also "Take Your Dog to Work Day" and we found a company in Phoenix that celebrates it every day.

As Lina knows, it's important to be productive at the workplace. She gives her all every day and knows that hard work will be rewarded.

This is the environment every day at Bloguettes, a local company that teaches their clients online blogging techniques. It's fueled by a trendy office filled with women that make it all happen and two dogs, who are official staff members and provide joy to everyone.

"The beginning, we had a tiny, small office, just the two of us and Winston and Lina have been a part of the last three years," said Lorena Garcia, co-founder of Bloguettes.

Lorena and her dog, Linda, founded the company with Sakura and her dog, Winston. Their dogs relieve stress for everyone, which if you believe in many studies, is no surprise.

Pets in the workplace can make you more productive and even more creative, but still the Society of Human Resource Management says only about 7 percent of employers allow pets full time.

"Maybe having them every day might be tough, but at least on a Friday or something it just makes it fun and different and I think it just really improves the company culture, so just give it a try," Sakura Considine said.

If you have a dog like Winston, you don't even have to hire a security guard! It's one of many perks to having your pet at work.