VIDEO: Boombox sparks brawl on Los Angeles-bound jet

Five women got into a hair pulling, fist flying brawl Wednesday morning on a Spirit Airlines Flight. Now, the FBI is investigating the incident.

A spokesperson for Spirit Airlines said two female passengers were playing loud music on a boombox and instead of lowering the volume when asked to turn it down, they raised the boombox up in the air to taunt the others.

That's when the fight broke out, which was caught on cell phone video.

Travelers who saw the video could not believe how intense it got.

"Oh wow, that's pretty bad. They need help," passenger Karla Ross said.

"All these girls have this crazy party on the plane, oh my gosh," another passenger, Lydia Prescott, said.

"This doesn't surprise me at all because everyone is so tense on Spirit Airlines with all the crazy charges. They get to a point where there's probably a fighting fee. Those people probably got billed just for the privilege of fighting on spirit," Chris Jay said.

Ironically, Jay and his friend Alex Jamora are flying out on Spirit to go to a boxing tournament.

"If there was going to be a fight that went viral on an airline I'd say Spirit would be my number one guess," Jamora said.

Tonya Andrews and her husband Lindsey just flew in from Baltimore on Spirit.

"That's insane. That's insane, wow," Tonya said.

"[If that happened on my plane] I would probably run for cover, that's unsafe. I would be petrified because you wouldn't know, you would think the worst," Tonya said.

Spirit says that the physical part of the fight took place while the plane was on the tarmac, and that's why flight attendants weren't able to immediately intervene.

The FBI said no arrests were made. However, one of the women was charged with indecent exposure.

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