Video: Burglars crash SUV into business, steal ATM

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Dramatic video shows a smash-and-grab burglary of an ATM at a Roswell business early Sunday morning.

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The shopping center around Sky Zone Trampoline Park located at 1425 Market Blvd. is typically silent at 3 a.m. on Sunday, but Roswell Police said the quiet was shattered by an SUV slamming into the business all to steal the ATM inside.


Surveillance and an incident report released by Roswell Police to multiple Atlanta area news outlets Thursday show a white SUV creeping through the parking lot. Around 3:11 a.m., the video shows the SUV slamming backward into the business, sending shards of glass flying as well as door frames and a seat which was positioned near the door. 

Two men were seen running into the business with the SUV. The front passenger in the SUV got out and helped the other two as the driver waited in the SUV. Police said the men frantically search for a few minutes and then are seen dragging an ATM into the back of the SUV, the cable which once anchored it to the wall was visibly cut.

The whole burglary took about 1:20 from the time they broke through the front door to the time the SUV sped out of the parking lot. 

It was not immediately known how much was inside the ATM or how much it will cost to make the extensive repairs to the front of the business.

Roswell Police ask anyone who recognize the men in the video or know anything about the crime to call them or Crime Stoppers.