VIDEO: Heroic employee catches a toddler when he fell off a counter at Houston IFLY

An employee of Houston's iFLY quickly turned hero when he caught a toddler who fell off a counter. It all happened in a matter seconds at the iFLY facility off of Katy Road.  it was just another day on the job for Jesse "Tex" Leos at the iFLY Houston Facility off the Katy Freeway.

The video shows a toddler standing on the counter. His dad looks away just for a split second, and the little boy loses his balance and starts to fall. That's when Jesse's quick reflexes kicked in. He catches that child just inches before the child's hits the floor. "I saw him start to go out of the corner of my eye. i guess the training reflexes kicked in from the wind tunnel instructing and next thing you know, he's in my arms," said Leos.  

He took time to celebrate his heroics in front of the camera. As soon as he hands over the baby, he looks at the camera and he says, "Yeah!" Hero in a split-second: what a great guy to do something about it that fast!