VIDEO: Nurse comforts ailing patient by singing at her bedside

Justin Taylor / Flickr

Video of a nurse comforting an ailing patient in her hospital bed by singing to her has gone viral.

The video posted to Facebook by the patient's daughter, Megan Smith, shows nurse Olivia Neufelder sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, singing a song to Smith’s mother to comfort her.

According to Smith’s post, Neufelder was trying to comfort her mother while recovering from being administered too much Anesthesia.

The video shows Neufelder singing, and at one-point wiping tears from her face as she sang at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

According to reports, Smith’s mother passed away a few days after the video was taken and had battled liver cancer for a year.

Smith used her Facebook post to thank Neufelder for the compassion and care she showed for her mother.

You can watch video of the heartwarming moment below. App users CLICK HERE.