VIDEOS RELEASED: 10 SFPD officers fire 99 rounds, kill armed-robbery suspect hiding in trunk

San Francisco police released 11 different officers' body-worn camera videos at a town-hall meeting Monday night over a fatal officer-involved shooting that happened last week. 

The videos show different angles of the Tuesday, March 6 shooting at around 11 p.m. According to police preliminary information, 10 officers fired 99 rounds killing a 19-year-old armed-robbery suspect in the city's Mission District. Police say the suspect who was fatally shot, Jesus Adolfo Delgado, was in the trunk of a car and fired his gun first. At least one witness has corroborated the police account that Delgado fired first. Police say they found a handgun in the trunk. 

The medical examiner's office report says Delgado was struck approximately 25 times. 

Two uniformed officers were initially flagged down by two victims in the area regarding a man with a gun, police say. The victims pointed to the suspect who, according to police, was seen running and jumping into the trunk of a parked car. Officers say they conducted a traffic stop on the car and back up units were called in. 


The video shows SFPD officers responding to the incident and apprehending another male suspect, Victor Navarro Flores. Flores complied with police orders and was detained before officers turned their attention to Delgado who was hiding in the trunk of a black Honda.  

Victor Navarro-Flores, 19, and Cristina Juarez, 18, were both arrested on suspicion of two counts of robbery and conspiracy. Each is being held in jail on $255,000 bail.

In the video, the officers continue to order Delgado to show is hands while he was in the trunk of the vehicle. "Does anyone speak Spanish?" a voice can be heard asking. Within moments, a voice is heard making commands in both English and Spanish languages. Delgado remains in the trunk as officers ask to see the suspect's hands while their weapons are drawn. "Show me both of your hands!" an officer yells. "Open the lid," he yells, referring to the trunk. A woman's voice takes over on a loudspeaker and issues the same commands for Delgado to show both hands in Spanish. 

At the town hall and in a news release sent out immediately after, police say one officer used a "less than lethal round" commonly referred to as a bean bag round. The standoff continued and a barrage of bullets can be heard. Police say Delgado pointed a firearm in their direction from inside the trunk, which led police to open fire. 

In addition to the police body camera videos, SFPD released a surveillance camera's footage of the incident and an exclusive cell phone video obtained by KPIX-TV. The cell phone video appears to show Delgado popping the trunk, pointing his gun and firing at police. Police say preliminary information shows Delgado fired at least one round. 

Juarez was removed from the car after the shooting and taken into custody. Police administered CPR before an ambulance arrived, but Delgado succumbed to his injuries. 

The officers involved have not had their names released, but will within 10 days if no safety threat is present. According to police the officers involved have been interviewed regarding the incident and an investigation is underway involving the District Attorney's office and the Department of Police Accountability.

The department's homicide unit is conducting the criminal investigation while Internal Affairs handles the administrative investigation.