Walmart 'yodeling kid' Mason Ramsey stuns shoppers in viral video

Shoppers at Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois got something better than piped-in store music to shop by.

A local boy named Mason Ramsey was shopping with his grandparents late March and was singing his heart out in the store.

An onlooker turned his singing into an internet sensation as he crooned for a group of customers that had gathered.

Even better, Ramsey was decked out in a red bow-tie, jeans and cowboy boots.

The boy was only too happy to oblige with a little bit of "Old-Towney" country yodeling, embedded into the well-known Hank Williams country song, "Lovesick Blues."

The image has sparked humorous responses and has tagged Ramsey as the "Yodeling Kid."

Ramsey also broke out into "Hey, Good Lookin'" in another Walmart store over a year ago. That internet video landed him a Tennessee radio station repeat performance.