Well wishes for Barbara Bush from presidential library director

Well wishes continue coming in for Barbara Bush after her family spokesman issued a statement that said she is in declining health. Many of those warm thoughts are being sent from the George Bush Presidential Library where Mrs. Bush is no stranger.

Not only is her picture plastered all around the complex, Barbara Bush’s presence is very much in the library and museum. 

“Her presence and support have been so important here,” says George Bush Presidential Library director Warren Finch.

Mrs. Bush has visited the library on many occasions, mostly to promote reading and education. 

“Her vocation has been family literacy, not just literacy for children,” adds Finch. He has been heading this place of presidential preservation for twenty-five years. Finch has also had plenty of interactions with the former First Lady.

“She’s a very down-to-Earth and wonderful woman, honest," describes Finch. "That’s one of the things I like about her, she’s very straightforward.” 

Finch has even spent time at the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine. 

“I’ve been there once or twice," says Finch. "It’s very nice. It’s very nice. There’s no better place than Kennebunkport when it’s 108 degrees in Texas.”

The library shared footage from a home movie with FOX 26 News of Bush's daughter Robin at Kennebunkport playing with a tennis racket. Robin died of leukemia at just three years old, a short time after the video was recorded. 

Many of Mrs. Bush's amazing scrapbooks are filled with photos from the family compound. 

“When we re-did this museum ten years ago, we had over 100 scrapbooks from 1943 and later and she’s still sending us digital photos.” 

Mrs. Bush has clearly made an amazing mark on the library and the world. 

“She’s just class through and through," describes Finch. "We just wish her all the best but she’s had a great life and she’s been married to the man she loves for 73 years."  

What a love story. What a woman.