Who-who-who's that in the chimney?

From inside her fireplace, Alice Shackelford heard noises that shouldn't have been coming out.  As they continued over a few days, she grew more concerned. 

"We started hearing wrestling. A few times we heard a hoot," she recalled.  "We definitely knew something was there.”

It appeared a bird was trapped inside their chimney. 

"I tapped on the damper and realized he was on top of the damper. I thought, ‘Oh, this is not good,’" she continued. 

Wildlife rescuer Devon Straight with Wildlife Inc. came to their rescue. 

"She was looking back right at me and I realized I could probably pull her out by the legs and get her out," he said. 

It only took a few seconds and a good grip to get ahold of the feathered creature.  When Straight pulled it out, the ‘who’ was no longer a mystery: A large barred owl was now free. 

"If they hadn't heard the noise, they would have fired up the chimney and it would have been roasting," Straight said. 

In Florida, a long time can pass between chimney uses.  That can give wildlife plenty of time to move in. 

"What I would recommend is having a chimney sweep company come and install caps on your chimney to keep animals from getting in," offered Straight. 

Straight released the owl.  It flew back and came to a rest on the house before it took off one last time. 

"If he comes back, I hope he stays out in the trees," added Shackelford.