Wi-fi at the beach?

When you're lounging on the beach by the Atlantic Ocean, just a couple of days from summer, it might not be a bad idea to bring your work with you.

People here on Long Beach Island, Surf City, and Ship Bottom are hearing persistent rumors saying that these townships might be bringing wi-fi to its beaches.

"I personally would prefer it not to be wired just so the kids don't get distracted. And they enjoy the beach and the surroundings and they put the phone down for a little while," said Melissa Wolfgang of Long Beach Island.

Dan DeTrolio of West Orange was blunt. "I think it's stupid... and that's a personal opinion. I wouldn't bring my laptop -- who wants to work with it here? I don't even have it with me?"

Up and down the beach, there are always cellphones being used, but you never actually see anybody getting any work done on a laptop.

In Ship Bottom, NJ, Cheryl Kirby, owner of the Things A Drift Shop, said the traffic's building up because of new technology.

"It used to be they would take Friday off to be here early. Then they started a couple of years ago to take Thursday off. Now they come on Wednesday night it's pretty heavy. It's because of the computers. When you can do your own homework or work at home, it really works," Kirby stated.

Over at Municipal Hall, no one had heard anything about wi-fi. Even the Mayor of Surf City, Leonard Connors, said he hadn't heard anything about it either and that having wi-fi on the beach is unlikely.

However, he did say that there's been a lot of a change on Long Beach Island in the years that he's been here.

"We've seen growth that's just phenomenal. They write stories about it. It's hard to take when you live here," said Mayor Connors