Woman, 104, attributes longevity to easygoing lifestyle

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Virginia Blake recently turned 104 years old, but she's a teenager at heart. 

It's a milestone few will ever achieve. As she celebrated with friends and family, her smile never faded. 

Her story begins in the small town of Bushnell, Illinois. Her father ran a candy and ice cream shop. 

Sweets are her favorite. You could say there hasn't been one day she's gone without. 

"There was no strings attached. I just ate whatever I wanted and here I am," she said. 

During her life, Virginia married. She had two children and her husband fought in World War II. 

While her husband was gone she trained and volunteered with the Red Cross. 

Her life has become a model for going with the flow. She believes it's the key to her longevity. 

"Don't worry. Just take things as they are. Because they are going to be that way. Why worry? It doesn't do a bit of good," she said. 

Virginia also led her life with a kind heart. 

"Try to help somebody else every day. Don't just think of yourself because when you help someone else they are going to appreciate it and they are going to want to return something to you," said Virginia. 

Every step of the way, her family has been number one. 

"She loves life. That's the bottom line," her son, Bill Blake said. "You need to enjoy a little as you go along because you never know what might be next. As a result, that was their motto in life. They worked hard, but when they had time to take vacations they took time to travel." 

It's a lesson she will continue to live by. 

"I'm going to live another 104 years," she said.

Virginia continues to stay active - dancing and playing Bingo.