Woman finds bizarre 'alien' creature in her yard

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CALIFORNIA (FOX 32 News) - Pictures of a slimy, half-developed creature are going viral after they surfaced online over the weekend. Some are calling it an alien, while others say it’s a partially developed animal fetus.

Gianna Peponis of California posted the images on Facebook with a caption saying, “I wasn't gunna [sic] post this but I can't stop trying to figure out wtf this thing is.. I heard something scream at like 11.30 last night and went out on my side yard and found this thing. It was dead when I found it.. Share with your friends.”

On Reddit, user LollyMac wrote: "I don't know what the **** that is. If your friend is brave enough to remove it from their property, remind them to salt the ground afterwards. Nothing good can ever happen there now."

However, it seems likely that the creature is just the remains of a deer fetus.

Posting a photo of a fully intact deer fetus for comparison, one person on Reddit wrote: "It's half of a deer fetus which has been chewed on by scavengers/predators."

Another person explained: "Hoofed animals can freak out and drop a fetus, amniotic sack and all, when scared. Or maybe it was a still birth. Either way, dinner is on mother nature tonight!"