Woman proclaims innocence after her arrest for alleged child abuse

A Valley mother who disappeared a week ago with her toddler is now behind bars, accused of abusing her little boy.

Earlier on Monday, Taquila Wilson spoke to FOX 10 Phoenix about the charges she is facing, and claims she did not do it.

Police said Wilson admitted to using a belt on the child, but on Monday, Wilson said that's not true, and swears her innocence. She agreed to an interview, days after being arrested for alleged child abuse of her three-year-old son.

Police arrested Wilson last Thursday, prior to her arrest, Wilson and her son were reported missing.

"I just want to be able to prove that I'm innocent, and I didn't commit this crime," said Wilson.

Police say there were reports that the three-year-old had multiple welts and bruises all over his body. and told people "mommy hit me". Meanwhile, medical examiners said the marks were consistent with hits from a belt, or other flexible objects.  

Police say Wilson told them she disciplined her son with a belt. 

"Abusing my son, I did not do that at all," said Wilson. "I'm innocent and I need an attorney."

When asked where the marks came from, Wilson said the child has a skin disease. Meanwhile, police said the child also had "Cauliflower Ear", which could have been caused by being hit.

Wilson is being held without bond, because she was facing felony drug charges as well. Meanwhile, FOX 10 Phoenix spoke with a friend of Wilson's on the phone, who said she never saw her use a belt on her kids, but also had not spoken with her for months, and was worried about her well-being.