'He was crying and pleading:' Woman says her dog was electrocuted at Holiday Magic at The Fair

A Washington woman says her newly adopted rescue dog was electrocuted to death at Holiday Magic at the Fair on Friday.

Vyctoria "Tori" Sanchez says after a two-month-long adoption process with the Big Dog Rescue Project in Tacoma, she finally took Maverick, a German Shepherd mix to his forever home with her on Nov. 12.

Sanchez is a reservist and says Maverick was training to be a service dog to help her with her anxiety.

Sanchez, her friend Casey Newhouse and Maverick all went to the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup on Dec. 2 and proceeded towards an inflatable abominable snowman when Maverick began yelping.

"I've never heard a sound like that before. (Maverick) was crying and pleading, and he fell down," said Sanchez

Casey Newhouse says knows Maverick was electrocuted because he felt the shocks herself.

"My feet were numb for a day and I had a major headache and my heart rate was elevated naturally because I got shocked," said Newhouse.

Medics arrived but Sanchez says Maverick died.

"They gave him a child's oxygen mask and about three mintues after that going on they said he didn't make it," said Sanchez.

The Washington State Fair provided this statement to FOX 13:

"Our hearts are with the owner who lost her dog at our Holiday Magic event Friday evening. After investigating the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident, we found the source underground. We have done a comprehensive review of the grounds and added additional enhanced safety measures, to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. Following the incident, we did everything onsite we could, to assist and comfort the dog owner. We brought in a Puyallup police chaplain to speak with her as well. Additionally, we have reached out to her since the incident. As always, safety is our top priority."

Sanchez says the Washington State Fair also offered her ticket refunds and fair food as compensation, but she feels that's not enough.

"The fire and the police department have been spot on in telling us indefinitely that he died of electrocution. There was a live wire. As soon as they moved his body, it started sparking underneath him," said Sanchez.

She says she never wants to return to the fair and wishes this on no one else.

"It could have been a child. It could have been somebody's family, and it took my dog passing for them to realize that part in their area was completely not taken care of," said Sanchez.

Instead of spending the holidays with Maverick, Sanchez says she is now preparing for his cremation on Monday.

Through her grief, she wants everyone to remember what an amazing dog she bonded with.

"His name was Maverick. He wasn't just some lady's dog. That was my dog. He still had so much love for everybody and that's something everyone can use in their own lives," said Sanchez

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Sanchez with her loss here.