Woman says she was assaulted by Metro bus driver

A Metro bus operator has been taken off the streets as authorities investigate an alleged assault that happened Monday night.

A passenger and the bus driver got into a verbal fight and the passengers says later, the driver smashed her head into the ground.

The passenger didn't want to reveal her identity because she's concerned for her safety, but we did meet her at her attorney's office downtown and she showed us her injury and told us what happened to her Tuesday night.

Photos show bumps and bruises on her forehead where she says the metro bus driver slammed her head into the ground.

The female passenger says she was trying to catch a bus at 14th Street and Underwood. But as she got on the bus she exchanged words with the driver, because she told him he had passed the stop.

She says they had words again at the Takoma Metro station. It was then she says the driver got off the bus, she believes he was on break and he approached her again outside. But this time, she says it got violent.

"He grabbed me and threw me on the ground and I was kicked and he pulled my hair and knocked my head against the concrete," she tells FOX 5.

"When I looked up all I saw was his feet kicking me and him calling me a name and I just laid until he stopped. I asked and asked him to get off me and this went on for a while. He said, no f*** you. I'm going drag you. He led me everywhere on the ground."

Metro also believes the passenger assaulted the driver. The woman says was defending herself and threw water on the driver.

"I was defending myself. I felt like he was aggressive to me twice before I threw the water. It was dark and I was by myself I literally was beat on the ground for a good minute. I don't regret throwing the water. I regret that I had a situation. I should have just took an Uber home because like I was beat."

FOX 5 did reach out to the transit union to get the other side of this story from the bus driver - the union says they are aware but says at this time it is unable to comment.

Metro says that so far no charges have been filed and no arrest has been made.

The victim's brother was arrested when he arrived at the station with his mother. According to the police report, the brother wanted to know who hurt her and when she pointed at the driver, he ran at him and police tried to stop him.

He was charged with assault on a police officer, after an officer was injured. However, the victim's family denies that account.