Woman thanks Mesa Police officer for carrying her to work

A Mesa Police officer is being recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty, all because of how he helped one woman trying to get to work.

This all happened during a marathon two weeks ago. Roads were closed all over Mesa, and the woman, Tavia Warner, has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Warner was trying to get to work on foot when she just couldn't make it any further. That's when the officer, Det. Brandon Lavin, stepped in to help.

On Tuesday, Warner reunited with the officer she calls her hero.

"I started walking.- I had my ASU chucks on and my ASU cane, so I thought I'd be just fine," said Warner.

"I had a citizen come up, and he talked to me and let me know there's a woman with a cane, and it looked like she was struggling," said Det. Lavin, who was working the marathon that day, and saw Warner fall.

"I walked over to see if she needed some assistance, she told me she was trying to get to work and asked if there was a golf cart," said Det. Lavin. "I said no, the roads are completely shut down, so we had to figure out a way to get her to work so I could get back on my spot so no cars get through. So I asked her can I just throw you over my shoulder and take you to work, and she said yes."

"He put me over his shoulder like I was an empty backpack, and walked me all the way to my office," said Warner.

"This was the best way to get there and make sure she was safe," said Det. Lavin.

"A pure thank you for doing what you never needed to do," said Warner. "He could have very easily just helped me up and I would have kept walking. He didn't. Je went above and beyond. Period."