Woman's car, dog stolen while attempting to pump gas

A missing dog has been found thanks to an alert FOX 5 Atlanta viewer.

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"I would do anything to find my dog," Lauren Carroll told FOX 5's Natalie Fultz on Tuesday about her missing Jack Terrier Russell mix.

Carroll's dog Austin has been missing for nine days. The pup was in Carroll's best friend's car when the vehicle was stolen.

"She was pet sitting and on her way back to bring me Austin," Carroll said. "She stopped to fuel up and that's when someone stole the car and my dog."

Carroll hasn't seen her dog since.

"I don't know if whoever stole the car still has him or if they left him abandoned somewhere," Carroll said.

For the past few days, Carroll has been searching all over town for her missing dog.

"We've passed out fliers and checked animal shelters and we've even had some people say they've seen him, but nothing has panned out," Carroll said.

As each day passes, Carroll said she grows more and more concerned about the well-being of her dog, but she says she still has hope that they will be reunited once again.

"This has probably been one of the hardest things I've ever been through because of the unknown," Carroll said. "I'm sure all animal lovers would understand that.

Austin was last seen in a black Ford Explorer at the Kroger gas station on Moreland Avenue.

After the story first aired, a FOX 5 Atlanta viewer realized the dog they had found was Austin and was able to return him to Carroll. No word on if the viewer would receive the $2,500 reward.