Woman's father shoots her boyfriend, runs them over, then kills himself

Arlington Police say a man shot his daughter’s boyfriend Friday night, ran them both over with a car, then killed himself.

It happened as the couple left a movie in the Arlington’s Lincoln Square around 10 p.m. and the woman’s father drove up. Police are still looking for answers.

“…confronted them really quickly, and just asked the boyfriend hey what's your name. He responded what his name was, and then he shot him multiple times,” said Arlington Police Lt. Christopher Cook.

Friends and loved ones identified the young man killed as 22-year-old Omar Soto.

Police say the three were completely caught by surprise. The woman was trying to help Soto after her father shot him.

“He actually backed up after the shooting and went around an aisle and deliberately ran over both of them as they were sitting there,” said Lt. Cook.

Police say they found Soto dead on scene with multiple gunshot wounds. The woman was seriously injured but was able to answer police questions.
“That's how we were able to get suspect information out so quickly. She knew it was her father, was able to provide us a vehicle description,” said Lt. Cook.

Police found the woman’s father dead of a self-inflected gunshot wound in a parking lot off W. Division.

Shoppers and employees in Lincoln Square were shocked to hear what happened.

“I'm surprised this is going on in Arlington, yet I shouldn't be because it is a big city and it's very diverse now,” said Sheila Poster.

Darchelle Tholmer works at a boutique in the square. She left just before the shooting happened.

“We left and went to the movies, came back to pick my car up but everything was okay when we got here, wasn't any ruckus or anything going on.”

Friends and loved ones are mourning Soto, who they say studied architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington. His brother tells FOX 4 he had plans to get his master’s degree and start a business.

Though the shooter is dead, police say they are still trying to find answers for Soto’s loved ones.

Police say they do not believe the shooter had a criminal history.