World Series ticket price now the highest ever, up to $3,000 a seat

If you want to attend any World Series game, it'll cost you big-time. The average ticket price for the World Series matchup is set to be among the highest ever, at nearly $3,000 a ticket!  If there is a Game 7, those tickets are expected to soar to more than $5,000 a ticket.

Now - of course - if you want to attend a game in Los Angeles, you'll have to budget in the cost of a flight and hotel room which you don't have to pay - here at home, in Houston.  A Standing Room ticket at Minute Maid is more than $700 per seat. Sticker Shock: The best seats in the house at Minute Maid Park are priced at $18,000.

There are no tickets available through the Houston Astros website, It's only through third party vendors.