Family shows their Falcons pride on their lawn!

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When you drive by Tom and Lori Mason’s Forsyth County home, there’s no doubt who they’re cheering for in the Super Bowl. They have a huge Falcon painted on their front lawn.

Their daughter, Savannah, painted it with the help of a friend. She said it took hours of measuring and painting to get it exactly right from the beak to the tip of the wing.

“It was tedious, it wasn't hard, you just have to be very precise,” said Savannah.

Savannah said she’s gotten nothing but compliments.

“I've had at least 70 people contact me to do their lawn,” said Savannah.

About 18 years ago, the Masons had a similar yard. The Falcon logo was different then, and they painted “GO FALCONS” in bold, black letters.

The family said they’ve been Falcons fans for decades.

“I’ve raised my kids, Savannah and Scarlette, to be Falcons fans,” said Tom Mason.

Inside their home, their living room screams “Atlanta Falcons!” There are piles of programs, cups and coasters, and autographed shirts and footballs. Tom Mason still has his ticket to the very first game in the Georgia Dome, and the very last game played in the Dome.

They already have their seats for the new stadium. But that is next season, right now they're looking forward to Sunday when they say their beloved Falcons will be flying high.

“We've really got the team this year, we've really put something special together. We're going to win, most definitely, we're going to win!” said Lori.

They said the only change they’re going to make to their lawn will be after the Super Bowl. That’s when they plan to add the words “Super Bowl Champions.”

Super Bowl LI will be played at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. Full coverage can be found on FOX, starting at 11 a.m.

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