Georgia Supreme Court 'rises up' for Falcons during special session

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Georgia's highest court decided to "rise up" and wish the Atlanta Falcons luck as they prepare for the Super Bowl. 

Tuesday, the Georgia Supreme Court's nine justices held a special session to honor the NFL team before their afternoon session of oral arguments. 

"While our staid court is always gaveled in with 'All rise,' today that will come with a twist," spokeswoman Jane Hansen said ahead of the session, adding that this was a first for the high court.

Instead of "all rise," citizens were asked to "rise up" at the start of the session. 

"It's been a great season, and now it's time for all Falcons fans to RISE UP!" Chief Justice P. Harris Hines said.

The justices, all wearing Falcons hats, all rose from their seats and cheered "Go Falcons!" 

The Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday to advance to the Super Bowl, where they will face off in Houston on Feb. 5 against the New England Patriots. The Falcons have never won an NFL title in their 51-year history.

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