Migos' Quavo celebrates Rose Bowl win, goes viral

One of the hottest rappers right now is also a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan!

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Quavo from the group Migos celebrated the team's epic victory yesterday.

But unlike most of the fans who were cheering in the stands or at home, Quavo got to celebrate on the field with the team.

FOX 5's very own Justin Felder got a chance to chat with the rap superstar in a video that has now gone viral.

"It's only right for them to come out on top," Quavo told Felder. "This is my first time at the Rose Bowl. It's only right for them to be on top."

He said he was making sure that the team kept getting wins.



"They're the culture. I'm the culture. I'm here for him."

Let's hope he keeps on bringing the team good luck for their battle in Monday's championship game against Alabama!

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